Hiring a Lawyer to Seal or Expunge a Criminal Conviction Record in New York

New York's new criminal conviction record sealing law (Criminal Procedure Law Section 160.59) requires that a complex motion addressing a series of legal and factual issues be filed and argued to a Judge. Further, the new record Sealing Law creates the possibility that a Judge will require a formal hearing in court, complete with direct and cross-examination of witnesses and the presentation of evidence. If you want to have the highest chance of actual success with getting your New York conviction record sealed, then you are going to need the help of a lawyer.  

While it is possible that the Court Administration will prepare some sort of self help form for people to fill in and submit, it stands to reason that for a motion with so much at stake, that calls for honest to goodness legal argument, and possibly even the need to conduct an evidentiary hearing before the judge who will decide the motion to seal your record, it would be most unwise to attempt it without help from an experienced criminal lawyer.  

You have lived with a criminal conviction record for years. You understand how a criminal conviction can hold you back. You are unlikely to get more than one chance to make this motion. So get the help of a lawyer to make the motion to seal the conviction record. 

An experienced criminal lawyer knows how best to draft the motion to seal a conviction record for the Judge who will decide it. An experienced criminal lawyer may well have been appearing before and arguing cases before the same judge for years and will then have direct experience with persuading the Judge who will decide your motion to seal the conviction record. If the Judge orders a hearing on the motion, a criminal defense lawyer will have the professional experience to know just how to do it. If the judge orders a hearing on the motion to seal the conviction record, are you familiar with the rules of evidence and with direct and cross examination?

Now is not the time to assume that this motion to seal a New York criminal conviction record is like applying for a driver's license.   Motions to seal criminal conviction records in New York under New York's new sealing law are serious, and need to be taken seriously.  

You need a lawyer to help you if you want to have the best chance of success getting your New York criminal conviction record sealed under the new conviction record sealing law.