First New York Conviction Sealing Motion is Filed!

Our first Motion to Seal a Conviction under the new New York conviction sealing law (CPL Section 160.59) was filed shortly after the law became effective.  Our client approached us earlier in the year, and we spent considerable time gathering the necessary documentation, preparing, and polishing the motion so that her motion could be among the first to be filed.

It was interesting to file a brand new sort of motion because even the court clerks were new to the process.  The filing of the motion created a bit of a sensation, and there was some discussion about procedure, but in the end it was filed and we have a Court date.  The first Court date is a little more than 45 days out to allow the Prosecutor's Office an opportunity to review the motion and decide whether or not to object.

We are quite hopeful that this first motion will be granted on the strength of the inspiring story of our client since her release from prison more than ten years ago.  I believe that this client is the very poster child for New York's new conviction sealing law.

And we have others in the pipeline to be filed soon, all with their own inspiring stories of perseverance in the face of adversity. 

It is exciting to be part of this happy process.  Terrible burdens and barriers in life will be lifted for people who have struggled to overcome life with a conviction.  To help see to it that the hard work of years of rehabilitation will pay off will be a fantastic, uplifting experience.

If you are struggling with a criminal conviction in New York (or even two), contact us at 718-268-2171 to see if you might be eligible to get the conviction(s) sealed under the new sealing law. Share this information with a friend if you know someone who is currently suffering with the burden of a conviction (or two) from New York State.  We can help.  We WANT to help.  It is the dawn of a new day.