Answer a Few Questions to See if You are Eligible to have Your New York Conviction Sealed

While New York's new conviction record sealing law is one of the most expansive in the nation, not everyone with a conviction will be eligible to have convictions sealed.  Answer a few questions here and see if you may be eligible.  You will want to confirm your eligibility with a lawyer just to be sure, but answer these few questions and you will likely have a pretty good idea about your eligibility to have a conviction sealed under the new law.

Question One

Is the conviction you are hoping to seal more than ten years old?

But Is there a Difference Between a Sealed Conviction and an Expunged Conviction?

Although the term "expunged" is often used informally to mean "sealed", "expunged" may suggest a complete elimination of the conviction for all purposes.  Different states use the terms sealing and expungement in different ways to describe what is almost the same the thing.  New York still does not "expunge" convictions in the sense of obliterating information about the conviction from the universe, since convictions sealed under CPL 160.59 are still available to law enforcement in certain limited circumstances.  But convictions sealed under the law are sealed from visibility for most job related background checks and will generally therefore make job prospects far better for those whose convictions are sealed.

Therefore, if you have been looking for a conviction expungement or expungement lawyer in New York, you have the right idea, just the wrong terminology.  As a criminal defense lawyer who has been practicing in New York City more than 25 years, I can help prepare your motion to seal your conviction so that you can have the best chance to convince the Judge who is assigned to your motion.  Answer the few questions in this quiz to see if you might be eligible.