About Shalley and Murray

Shalley and Murray is an established New York City criminal defense law firm that has been fighting for people accused of crimes since 1996.  You can visit our firm website.  We have offices in New York City and Westchester County, and we handle cases in New York City as well as the surrounding areas of New York City, including Westchester, Putnam, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties.  We limit our practice to criminal defense.  We have handled all manner of criminal cases over the years from the least to the most serious. 


Our Lawyers 

Don Murray

After graduating from Williams College, Don Murray attended the University of Florida College of Law (now Levin College of Law).  Mr. Murray graduated from law school with honors.  

Mr. Murray became fascinated by criminal defense after working as an intern for William DeCarlis, a prominent criminal defense lawyer in the Southeast.  Working with Mr. DeCarlis, Mr. Murray got to participate in a criminal defense practice of the highest standards, and it inspired him to become a criminal defense lawyer himself.

In 1990, Mr. Murray became a trial lawyer for The Legal Aid Society in New York City, where he worked for six years, handling a large caseload of criminal cases.  He became a skilled criminal court trial lawyer and, before leaving The Legal Aid Society, he published a chapter about cross examination for a series of books called Criminal Defense Techniques, a practice guide for criminal defense lawyers.  

In 1996, Mr. Murray left The Legal Aid Society to found his own private criminal defense firm with friend and officemate James Shalley.  Mr. Murray went on to develop an outstanding reputation as an astute litigator for his clients, and he achieved any number of hard fought successful results for his clients.

Notably, Mr. Murray successfully defended a client accused of stealing more than $50,000 worth of lottery tickets even though his client had provided a full written statement appearing to confess to the crime.  (The "confession" was obtained after coercion and trickery and the jury ended up giving it no credit.)

Over the years, Mr. Murray has been a regular source for insight into the New York City criminal justice system for various novelists, playwrights, and movie and television producers.  Most recently, he consulted on the NBC Miniseries The Slap to help ensure that an arraignment scene meant to be taking place in Brooklyn was as authentic as possible.  He even got to play an attorney as an extra for about six seconds in his television debut, making it possible for Mr. Murray to say almost truthfully that he has "co-starred" in the same television show as Zachary Quinto.

Mr. Murray is a tournament level Scrabble player, plays the mandolin, and taught himself how to memorize a deck of card in less than ten minutes.


James Shalley

James Shalley graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 1989. 

In 1989, Mr. Shalley became a Trial Attorney for The Legal Aid Society in New York City in their Criminal Defense Division. As a Trial Attorney in Queens County for about 7 years, Mr. Shalley distinguished himself as an excellent trial attorney, conducting a wide variety of trials in both Criminal and Supreme Courts.

Mr. Shalley has taken on management responsibility for the firm's Westchester and Putnam County practice and therefore finds himself frequently making appearances in the various local criminal courts in Westchester and Putnam County.

Mr. Shalley is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, the Westchester County Bar Association, and the Queens County Bar Association.

Don Murray, pictured above, is a partner in the firm with more than 25 years experience helping people accused of crimes in New York.  

Don Murray, pictured above, is a partner in the firm with more than 25 years experience helping people accused of crimes in New York.  

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